Excel in digital customer engagement with our all-in-one solutions for:

  • Webcare
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  • Live chat
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  • Publishing
  • Media monitoring
  • Reputation management
  • Data analytics

How accessible is your organisation?

How long on average do your customers wait for a reply? Do your employees have the time to give these customers real attention? In addition to investing in customer service, might there also be a need to focus more on marketing and communication? Spotler Engage gives you the tools to solve all your communication challenges.

Increase your accessibility

Staying in close, personal contact with your customers, regardless of the channel? It’s certainly possible, without losing your overview of message flows and still retaining your additional customer information.

Engage Omni-channel customer service

Make sure your customers can contact you through their preferred channel. Even if it means that one time it’s via WhatsApp and another time via Facebook Messenger. Thanks to CRM, each and every employee will know exactly what’s going on with a customer, so conversations can be transferred with confidence.

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Pay good attention to your customers

Organisations that pay attention to their customers keep their customers. But how can you answer online questions quickly, personally and in the best way possible?

Bots Online customer service & automation

One of your customers posts on a public channel while the other sends a private message. Are you still able to keep an overview? Bring all messages together, no matter how they’re sent, so you can always reply quickly and in the best way possible. Need an efficiency boost? Then go for automation with smart chatbots that answer frequently asked questions 24/7. This way, your people can focus on the customers who need it.

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Keep a sharp eye on your brands reputation

The more well-known you are as an organisation, the easier it is to convince people of your contributions. Keep your reputation up to a high standard and adjust your strategy based on data.

Media Monitor Reputation management & crisis monitoring

What are the sentiments surrounding your organisation? What’s the influence of framing and who has an interest in it? In addition to your reputation, you can monitor your campaign results as well. Dive in your own data or let the analysts of Insights map everything out for you and just join in on the conversation.

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