Integrate chatbots from Spotler Engage in Freshchat

Integrate virtual agents directly inside Freshchat, to handle routine work and tasks, enabling service experts to focus on complex cases

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This integration allows virtual agents to be implemented inside Freshchat, to handle routine work and tasks, enabling service experts to focus on complex cases after a warm handover. Chatbots work efficiently alongside service experts within Freshchat to ensure both happy customers and employees. Increase satisfaction, improve your efficiency and boost productivity!

The benefits of integrating chatbots

Faster response times and boost productivity by up to 25%

Increased customer and employee satisfaction rate, and time- and cost saving

Self-learning, smart, conversational and scalable through seamless API-connection

Full support by specialists and proven technology

FAQ, troubleshooting and information management

Smart chatbots and virtual agents easily provide customers with answers to frequently asked questions or provide assistance where needed. Main tasks include:

  • Perform basic actions independently, such as password management or providing status delivery updates.
  • Troubleshooting or handling service requests, including incident registration and tier 1 support.
  • Handling basic information requests or the collection of basic information in preparation for service experts.

Maximize effectivity and efficiency

Development, training and implementation is done via the user friendly Bots platform. Build your optimal customer experience with chatbots through a custom conversation builder, AI-driven intent detection and easy business rules editor.

The quality of dialogue management is fully aligned with your existing service strategy, by utilizing insights from your own existing data. A Chatbot Feasability report determines the main topics for which the chatbot can effectively engage with stakeholders and the overall increased efficiency is clearly stated to maximize results.


Take the first step to more engaged customers today

To get started with chatbots within Freshchat, submit your credentials after which our integration specialist will provide you with more info about the possibilities and setup.