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Linsey • 5 minute read • 11/08/2017
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Customers want to be seen, heard and understood. In a digital world in which customer contact is becoming increasingly scarce, webcare has gained a prominent status in recent years. Efficiency, speed and relevance are a must in order to offer good service that meets the customer’s wishes. Plenty of reason for us to completely renew Spotler Engage’s web interface. In this blog, we will take you through the most important developments.langrijkste ontwikkelingen.

Excellent service that meets the customer’s expectations

Webcare is not just about handling messages or responding within the service level. These are real conversations, in which you want to help the customer with their question or complaint as well as you possibly can. The essence of a conversation can only be determined by analyzing and responding to the entire conversation, including message history and customer details. This is how you make the step from message management to conversation management.

Conversation management enables webcare employees to own the entire conversation. All outstanding messages from the same author are claimed in this way. The employee claims the entire conversation, as it were, instead of single messages. Due to the available conversation history and the clustered representation of the messages within the conversation, the context becomes clear immediately. This enables the employee to better meet the needs of the customer and thereby provide better service.

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Efficiency through overview, speed and convenience

In the current landscape of customer contact, speed is essential. It is a thing of the past to have customers waiting for hours or days for a response. Service must be delivered quickly, personally and preferably immediately. The possibility to align different message streams based on their subject or channel, gives you a clear overview of all outstanding messages that need to be handled. New messages arrive in these streams in real-time.


By displaying several message streams side by side, you are able to monitor and respond to messages about different channels and/or topics at any time. Consider, for example, the advantage this could offer during events or in times of crisis, when volume expands and speed and remaining up-to-date are important for maintaining quality.

New streams can easily be added at any time based on a search, filtered on any topic or on messages via a specific channel. This broadens your vision on the market and provides the opportunity to quickly anticipate what is happening online. Advanced settings ensure that, for example, service levels and preferred accounts can be adjusted per stream.

24% more efficiency through conversation management at

A party that has been fully focused on working with conversation management in recent months is, one of the largest players in the e-commerce market. The developments in the market, where a shift in generations is visible and where customer expectations are constantly increasing, caused a growing need for technological innovation to keep the promises made to the customer in the area of ​​service. In 2017, on April 25, launched the beta version of our new webcare-interface and the results have recently become measurable:

“The new Spotler Engage interface is user-friendly and intuitive in its use. It looks like the user experience of a direct messaging channel, which means less need for training and habituation for the service experts. Thanks to this new interface and tighter control on a conversational level, the productivity of the social media operation has increased by 24%.” Says Denise Drost-Ridder, Lead Business Analyst at

In addition to working with conversation management, is also one of the players who successfully deploy service bots to capture and handle part of the customer contact. Bots provide an extra step in the process optimization and also ensure higher customer and employee satisfaction.

New! Add livechat

Along with the innovations within the webcare interface, we are also launching the new live chat function. The demand for live chat has risen in recent years. Customer contact via live chat scores highest in customer satisfaction. Let customers contact you directly from the website via chat and also let these messages arrive in Spotler Engage. Live chat gives you the opportunity to treat customer questions just as quickly and actively as by telephone, but is more efficient because several calls can be made simultaneously. In addition to efficiency, the great advantage of live chat is that links, photos and files can be sent along, ensuring better service than by telephone.


Want to find out more?

Our new webcare interface focuses entirely on productivity improvement and efficiency. For webcare employees it does not matter which channel is is being handled, Spotler Engage’s interface is structured in such a way that the look and feel within the tool is the same in every channel. This makes it possible to easily add new applications, without the need for extra training of employees. This makes the handling of customer contact increasingly cheaper and more efficient.
Would you like to know more about how Spotler Engage can contribute to fast, efficient and personal service for your customers? Or do you have questions about our new webcare interface, chatbots or live chat? Feel free to contact us!

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