Fact checking with: Bart Scholts, Sales Consultant at Spotler Engage

Spotler Engage • 5 minute read • 26/09/2019
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In the series “Fact checking with” we interview our colleagues from Spotler Engage about their responsibilities, vision and the person behind the expert. In this edition we spoke to Bart Scholts, who as Sales Consultant is responsible for finding new customers. We asked Bart about his average working day (there isn’t one!) and what makes Spotler Engage unique as an employer. He also has tips for communication professionals who start with media monitoring tools.

1. You’re part of the sales team of Spotler Engage. What are your responsibilities?

“As a Sales Consultant, I am responsible for finding new, potential clients. I approach these possible clients through email campaigns or by phone. If they are interested, I will organise an appointment with them and we can discuss whether Spotler Engage can be of value to their organisation. Each appointment is different, because Spotler Engage’s tooling is so diverse and the customer demand is different every time. Together with the client, we explore what the objectives are and based on this complete picture, I then develop a proposal to work together.
Internally I work closely together with the Client Consultants to clients to them and I am in regular contact with the Insights team in order to make reports. Because I started at Spotler Engage as a Client Consultant, I know exactly what clients want and expect of a tool. This experience is of great value to me in my new role as a Sales Consultant. I have been working at Spotler Engage for two years now and I still really enjoy my job.”

2. What does your average work day look like?

“What I like about my job is that I can organise my own agenda. If I have three appointments in one day that’s fine, but I also regularly spend an entire day at the office. Recurring tasks are sending out email campaigns, making quotes and of course visiting clients. I’m on the road a lot. Sometimes I start off my day working from home, then have an appointment, and afterwards I work on tasks that have we agreed on during the appointment. Actually you’re continuously working in a flow – scheduling appointments, visiting clients, making quotes. Still every day is different.”

3. What tips or advice can you give to organisations who are thinking about using smart software solutions

“At Spotler Engage we have different kinds of toolings, but when I zoom in on the Spotler Engage Media Monitor, I have some pieces of advice for communications specialists who need to make strategic choices. As a communications professional you of course want to know whether the perception of the outside world is the same as your reputation. Or in short; how people talk about you. Suppose you as a company are very innovative and sustainable and you also write content for that, then you also want the perception in the outside world to fit in with this. By measuring this with a media monitoring tool, you can be in control of your reputation in these areas. Eventually, a tool will, for example, also help you to be more visible, create a wider reach or influence the sentiment.


My advice to professionals is to take one step at a time: first identify what your objective is and then set your searches and monitoring based on this objective. After this you map out the reputation pillars of the organisation and do a baseline measurement. This way you know where your brand stands based on those themes, and if necessary you can align your KPIs with this as well. Next you can monitor the results of your actions and quickly respond to similar issues in the future.

Another tip I would like to add is to substantiate your actions with data (instead of your gut feeling) when you look at whether press releases or campaigns are functioning well. This is possible, for example, by showing the media value and range. You can then use this data to effectively explore what you should or should not change in your next campaigns or expressions, so you can be even more successful next time.

At Spotler Engage we will help you after the implementation of the tooling and we will continue to guide you during the entire process. Together with the client, our consultants develop a roadmap to outline the objectives and strategy for the organisation.”

4. What do you think makes (working at) Spotler Engage unique?

“As an employer, Spotler Engage gives you the freedom and space to do your own thing. You can bring in your own ideas and carry these out, for example designing an email campaign or creating a sales plan. And you’re allowed to make mistakes: if your initiative is a success that’s great, but if it doesn’t work out the way you had hoped, you also get the opportunity to try something else. Moreover, the atmosphere at the office is really relaxed and everyone is very friendly.

What I also like is that the toolings we offer has an added value to both the operation of an organisation and the board where strategic decisions are made. The solutions complement each other, and the unique thing is that we can offer an all-in-one package to our clients.”

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