From data to knowledge: monitoring in a changing media landscape

• 4 minute read • 16/11/2023
Media monitoring
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As a communications professional or spokesperson, you want to know what is going on about and around your organisation. To keep a finger on the pulse, it is important to get a complete and accurate overview of the reporting surrounding your brand, product or service. 

But the abundance of available data makes it increasingly difficult and time-consuming to convert all that data into relevant insights. This requires a new approach to monitoring, in which you as a professional receive maximum support. Based on that vision, Spotler Engage has developed a new tool: the Media Monitor. In this blog, CTO Alex Slatman talks about the tool that responds to the changing media landscape and how it helps you quickly gain relevant insights. 

“The media landscape is constantly changing. It is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to keep an eye on reporting. This makes maintaining a consistent image around their brand, product or service a challenge.” 

The importance of a monitoring tool

Media monitoring plays a crucial role in understanding how your organization, product or service is being talked about. There is a huge amount of sources available online and offline, where people share their opinions on all kinds of topics. If you want to know what people think of your brand or how people are writing about you,  a monitoring tool allows you to quickly and automatically collect this information. 

“Most monitoring tools on the market do the same thing. They count messages, aggregate them, add some annotations. Wego a step further . We want to give you the tools to move from a query to an insight as quickly as possible. The Media Monitor automatically retrieves the most relevant information. This way the tool helps you save time.” 

Changes in the media landscape

Various developments make monitoring media complicated. Platforms such as X (formerly Twitter) play an important role in collecting data, but increasingly limit access. Access to data available on other social media channels and online news sources is also becoming increasingly limited. Legal aspects, such as copyright payments, create obstacles for news articles. The result: collecting and analysing relevant information is becoming more and more of a challenge. The Media Monitor complies with the GDPR and copyright law. This way you can be assured that the data you see meets all guidelines. 

The funnel: data, information, knowledge

Do you want to know what the prevailing sentiment is around your organization? What people think about your product? Or how people write about topics such as sustainability in relation to your brand? You can translate these questions into a search query in a monitoring tool. Data is raw, unprocessed information that is available in enormous quantities. It forms the basis for effective communication and targeted decision-making. But that’s just the beginning. 

“Data can be seen as a large container with billions of messages in which the relevance is not yet immediately visible. The challenge is to extract the most important information from that.” 

data to knowledge funnel

From data to information

Converting data into information starts with asking the right questions and collecting relevant data. In the Media Monitor, this data is analysed and organised to convert it into information. The interpretation and elucidation of that information provides insights that can be translated into new knowledge. How do we do that? Alex Slatman explains: 

“For example, instead of creating complex searches, you can simply enter a brand name as a search term. This means you get more data back, but that data is automatically grouped and presented using smart AI. You can decide for yourself which information you want to include or exclude to get a cleaner picture. We use a kind of funnel to go from all data to information.” 

From information to knowledge

Collecting data and obtaining information alone is not enough. Knowledge grows when you absorb information and gain new insights. That is why it is important to be able to easily share information with the right stakeholders within your organisation. Sharing information and broadening knowledge is just as important as getting your message out as a spokesperson or marketer. This prevents information from being limited to one person. 

Especially in larger organisations, it is becoming increasingly difficult to provide everyone with the correct information. That is why, in addition to analysing, we also make sharing information as easy as possible. In the drag and drop newsletter editor you can create a report with just a few mouse clicks. You choose which information you want to include or exclude. If desired, add notes or an introduction. You then send it as a newsletter in your own corporate identity to colleagues and stakeholders. By sharing that information, you can apply your expertise. This way you can analyse the collected information and gain new insights and knowledge. 

In short, the funnel from data, to information, to knowledge is of great importance in the world of media monitoring. Collecting data is just the beginning. The trick is to then convert that data into valuable information, which can lead to new insights and knowledge. 

The Media Monitor evolves with the continuously changing media landscape. By using this advanced tool, you get access to a large amount of reliable and secure data. You can then easily share the reports with stakeholders within your organisation. With a complete picture of public opinion, you can develop effective communication strategies and you will always be the first to know! 

Want to know what media monitoring can mean for your organisation? Request a free demo!

With the Media Monitor you know exactly what is being said and written about your organisation, brand, product or service at any time. Both online and offline reporting is closely monitored for you with this tool. Do you want to safeguard your reputation and prevent crisis situations? 

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