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Spotler Engage • 6 minute read • 02/06/2020
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An important objective for social media managers is to increase engagement rates on social media channels. It also helps to gain insight into your social media efforts. But how do you measure whether you are on the right track? How does this analysis contribute to achieving your social media goals and strategy? In this article we’ll explain how measuring your performance ultimately helps you to really get in touch with your followers, fans and future customers.

Have a conversation with your fans on social media

As a brand or organisation, you want to reach your followers with the right content at the right time. You want to inspire and help them by sharing informative and valuable content so that you can respond to their wishes and needs more effectively. You’ll also want to attract new followers, who can eventually become a prospect or even a customer. With a clear vision, strategy and testing different types of content, you’ll be able to find out which content has the most impact. What information does your target audience like, or think is interesting or valuable?

However, you don’t get to know your target audience just by sending. It starts with interaction! Conversational content is key, especially on social media! By asking questions in a post and responding to questions or comments in the comments, you really bond with your followers and find out what’s really going on with your audience.

If you want to be of real value, then it’s good to invest time and energy in interacting with your followers on social media. You can do this by regularly monitoring and actively responding to messages. Did you get a response to a LinkedIn post? Then provide an empathic, personal, timely and appropriate response. You can personalise your response by closing with your name or initials and adding any appropriate emoticons. Entering into conversations leads to a higher involvement, meaning more engagement.

Insight is progress

But why is it important to find out which content appeals to your followers? Statistics give you insight and help you determine your social media strategy. You can test (the progress of) your objectives based on the latest figures. Do you want more responses on Linkedin or Twitter? Or do you want more followers on Facebook? Grab a set time each week or each month and put the latest numbers side by side. Are you moving forward or not? You’ll find out soon enough whether you need to make adjustments or perhaps use a different angle or adjust your strategy.

In line with the objectives of your social media strategy, you can, for example, take a look at the following:

  • The performance of social media campaigns or promotions per channel and per post
  • Investigate which channels your target group can be found on and where the most interaction takes place
  • Get insight into what kind of content your fans are responding to
  • Try out different formats (do you use text, video or images and what works well?)
  • Test new types of content.

By regularly checking the statistics, you’ll know which content is doing well, or not, and be able to make adjustments based on that. Do you lose a lot of fans after a certain post? Then find out what’s going on and avoid, for example, a specific topic or theme in the future. Do you receive a lot of positive reactions after posting an interesting video? Maybe this is just the kind of content your target audience is looking for and you can use these insights to get more out of it and really engage with your followers.

New statistics dashboard in Engage

Thanks to a social media management tool, such as Engage, you can locate incoming messages and respond to them immediately. You can also monitor certain topics or themes that are important for your organisation, which also enables you to provide proactive service for your customers.

At Spotler Engage, we are working each and every day to make measuring the effect of your content even easier. This has resulted in the development and roll-out of our new statistics dashboard, with which you can now easily analyse all your published content. A big additional advantage is that you no longer have to log in per social media channel to check the statistics, you can see, at a glance, per social media channel and per post, how your content is doing. The following figures are available per account:

  • Fans (and growth development)
  • Range
  • Impressions
  • Engagement

You will also be able to see, per post, the number of responses, engagement, comments, impressions, shares and clicks.

Jordi Krom is a Product Owner at Spotler Engage and he talks about the added value of the new statistics dashboard:

“In the new statistics dashboard, we provide all the relevant statistics regarding your content published via Engage. In addition, you can easily filter and sort, so you’re able to quickly highlight the best content. By measuring regularly, you can quickly find out what works and what doesn’t, and you can improve performance based on these statistics.”

At the moment, we’re retrieving data from Facebook and Twitter. But behind the scenes we’re working hard to be able to add statistics from other social media channels as well.

social media statistieken obi4wan
Postings obi4wan social media

Manage all your social media channels from one platform

By managing all your social media channels from one platform, it will become even easier to get to know your followers and to optimise your content accordingly. In the online customer support, or webcare, module of Engage, questions or comments come into the streams so that you, or service employees, can respond immediately. Thanks to the publication function, you can plan your content for all your channels, and can then measure it using the new, easy-to-use statistics dashboard. By analysing regularly, you are able to create opportunities for optimising your content even more effectively for your social media followers. As a result: more impact, satisfied followers and higher engagement!

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