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Spotler Engage • 5 minute read • 27/08/2020
Reputation management
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Sometimes it takes a while to find the right way to measure your brand reputation, which is why there are many different options for this. In this article, you’ll discover what the OBI RepScore has to offer as well as a number of examples of organisations that have successfully started using the OBI RepScore.

Action-oriented insights for your communication strategy

We recently introduced the OBI RepScore at Spotler Engage. This science-based model helps organisations get a grip on their online reputation and gain action-oriented insights from data. The OBI RepScore is a report that provides insights over time into the development of an organisation’s reputation or brand in the media. With the help of data analysts, these insights can be converted into action-oriented insights that contribute to a communication strategy. Judith van Tuijl is a data analyst at Spotler Engage and explains how the model works:

“By combining the different factors involved, the score of each source takes into account authority, credibility, effectiveness and opinion. For example, the OBI RepScore makes it possible to continually measure reputation within the fast-moving media landscape, evaluate insights from this and take reputation management to a higher level.”

The model not only serves as an indicator of an organisation’s reputation per strategic theme, but also as a means for seeing opportunities and threats to your reputation in an overview and therefore being able to act on them directly and immediately.

What are the benefits of the OBI RepScore?

Since its launch, this method has been used increasingly by organisations from different sectors, says Judith. For organisations that want to focus primarily on measuring and improving their brand reputation, the score has a number of advantages:

  • The data analysts of Spotler Engage can match explanations as closely as possible to information that the organisation needs. This makes the OBI RepScore extremely relevant. The explanatory notes zoom in on target groups, locations or specific influentials.
  • The OBI RepScore shows, at a glance, how your reputation is doing in the media which makes it therefore easy to distribute within the management team.
  • The analysts work with a standardised formula for each sector, so that it can be calculated and compared with different organisations from the same sector.

The OBI RepScore in practice

A number of organisations have already actively begun measuring their brand reputation since the introduction of the new model. How exactly do communication professionals use the score, and what is their experience so far?

Almost all organisations that use the OBI RepScore measure existing KPIs. Spotler Engage’s data analysts assist in drawing up challenging, but at the same time realistic, KPIs based on the OBI RepScore. Communication teams also use the score for inspiration. The notes to the scores indicate which topics and messages have a positive and negative impact on your reputation. Some organisations have a specific focus on certain target groups or locations. The explanations show what target groups focus on and in which cities what topics are discussed.

We are happy to share some examples!

The Staedion communications team formulated a number of objectives on the basis of the overarching mission of “home together”. Communication advisor Priscilla Bossaert talks about making Staedion’s goals measurable and how the OBI RepScore helps with this:

“We use the OBI RepScore to supplement our processes and policies. Because we work with terts, the score is a great addition to our image research. We can then measure the effect of our communication efforts in the meantime. Are we on the right track or do we have to invest our energy elsewhere?” – Priscilla Bossaert, communications advisor Staedion.

Manon Huisman is a spokesperson for the GVB and uses the OBI RepScore to measure various themes on a quarterly basis:

“The OBI RepScore gives us an indication of how we’re scoring on various themes each quarter. In combination with volumes, the proactive and reactive messages, we can analyse why our reputation has risen or fallen.” – Manon Huisman, spokesperson GVB.

Judith likes to share the following with organisations that are looking for a way to measure their reputation:

“If the corona crisis has taught us anything, it is that more and more conversations about, and by, organizations are taking place via online and offline media. Following the media is, and remains, important! With these sources as the main input, the OBI RepScore helps you to find out how your reputation is doing in the media, what impact communication activities have had on your reputation and where opportunities still may lie.” – Judith van Tuijl

Take reputation management to the next level with the OBI RepScore

Ready to take the next step in reputation management? With the OBI RepScore, reputation management is now even easier. By combining data with our in-house knowledge, we help to ensure that your reputation is easier to understand, through the use of report marks, so you can immediately get started with working for your organisation using action-oriented insights.

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