New social media functions: opportunities for your online strategy

• 5 minute read • 09/01/2020
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Social media has been part of the daily routine for marketing and communication professionals for a number of years. For organisations, social media is an indispensable element for an effective online strategy. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are continuing to introduce new functions. Organisations are continuing to grow and online platforms are constantly developing to meet current expectations. Staying up-to-date on developments is extremely important for adjusting the strategy for your social media management and thus optimising it.

New opportunities on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the only platform in the list of well-known social media channels that has been designed for business use from the start. Most functions provide a solid basis for presenting yourself and your company in the best possible light. However, until recently, there weren’t many opportunities for organisations to make optimal use of this.

However, new functions have been added this year that offer opportunities for you and your organisation. If there’s an event on the agenda, for example, you can inform your people via LinkedIn. If there are also other things on the agenda to share, it is now also an option to share an entire agenda. Your network can see exactly what kinds of interesting events are still to come.

Webinars can now also be presented on LinkedIn in the form of a live stream. As an organisation, you can give your entire network the opportunity to join a Webinar or other live stream. Because of the interactive aspect of this function, you can attract more interest from more people by using more online streams and sharing events.

For organisations that wish to add files to their status, there is now also a feature where you can choose to post a PowerPoint or PDF on LinkedIn. This business social media platform has been updated in such a way that sharing news and information has now become easier, clearer and more extensive.

Post interesting topics on Twitter

This platform is mainly used for sharing quick news, views, etc.. A number of features have been added to Twitter this year that you can use to your benefit as an organisation. Topics is an example of a newly introduced feature on Twitter. It can be used to indicate on Twitter which category holds your interests, so that you’ll get related messages that you may find interesting.

That’s good news for your organisation. Twitter users who are not yet following your organisation, but who are interested in the field in which you are active, will see your messages faster. Other new functions on Twitter are hiding a message and the camera function that we are used to seeing from Instagram.


Instagram optimises for business use

Instagram is on its way to becoming an interesting platform for businesses. A few years ago, few organisations used this platform. Now the possibilities for companies have been expanded and as an organisation you can now create a ‘creator profile’ and use the creator studio. This is where Instagram offers the option to view the overviews of your own posts, the target group and the statistics on engagement and demographic growth. Instagram also offers the possibility to arrange part of your social media management on this platform.

For organisations that offer products, an account with creator profile can be very attractive. With this type of account you can design and use AR filtres to show off your range to consumers. A clothing (web) store can, for example, offer the possibility for seeing how a particular item of clothing will look on you.

The explore page on Instragram, where popular posts are shared, has been around for a long time already. On Facebook, there’s now the new ‘trending’ function, where you can also find all messages with the most likes and reactions.

Emerging platform TikTok

TikTok, the platform that was taken over by, is well on its way to joining the larger platforms. It’s not quite yet the case that as an organisation you can do a lot by using TikTok. However, you can advertise on the platform in order to get the benefits from this growing platform. Consider whether advertising on this platform is also an interesting step for your organisation and see if your target group is active on TikTok.

Implement the new features in your strategy

You won’t be able to change the entire social media strategy of your organisation in one go, but some adjustments, by applying new functions, can make a difference. In order to get the most out of your social media management strategy, all new features are at least worth trying.

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