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Get in touch with your website visitors in no-time

Your customers expect lightning-fast service online. Whenever possible, they expect response within a day and immediate answers to questions. We can help with the latter by bringing questions from all conceivable channels together in one real-time overview. Agents see what’s going on and can help customers immediately. Choose the fastest service via live chat and reduce your response time to minutes.

Improve customer relations

Every incoming question gives you the opportunity to show that your customer is important to you. Make it easy for your website visitors to ask questions via live chat. Answer requests for more details and clarify the status of your inventory. This way, you make the most of these opportunities to demonstrate your service and work on better customer relations.
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Let your service grow with you

Is your organisation growing faster than expected? Congratulations! But that means the volume of customer contact is growing too. Expand your live chat with chatbots. They don’t sleep, they don’t go on holiday, and if you need more, you just get more. There’s no recruitment and selection involved. Equally useful: they take work out of people’s hands, allowing your valuable staff to focus where they are needed.

Ready for fast and personal customer contact?

Help your visitors in real time with live chat

Customise your live chat widget to suit your needs

Make your live chat widget blend in with your website by simply customising it in your own house style. Make live chat available for the pages where it adds value and scale it up with chatbots if necessary.

Make sure you are instantly recognisable and add corporate identity elements such as your organisation’s colours and logo to your live chat widget. Set up a welcome message to open the conversation.

On which web page do you want to offer your visitors extra support? Perhaps when they are making a purchase or scheduling an appointment. Place a live chat widget on those pages and make it easier for your customer to get in touch with you.

Are live chat volumes increasing and are you often asked the same questions? Then integrate a chatbot into your live chat widget. Chatbots can answer frequently asked questions, direct the customer to the right colleague, or do preliminary work such as requesting a customer number or invoice code.

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Go for high engagement and happy customers

Want to know within 30 minutes how live chat can contribute to really good online customer service?

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We believe that only honest communication can lead to engaged and satisfied customers. We’ve been committed to this for years, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.