Contact your customers via WhatsApp

Get closer to your customer with the most personal messaging platform: WhatsApp. Bring these conversations to your service team via the WhatsApp Business Solution.

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Fast and personal, always nearby

With WhatsApp, you are in your customers’ and prospects’ inside pocket. Almost everyone has it, and contact via WhatsApp feels as familiar as a chat with a friend. By responding quickly, you make people happy and keep the relationship strong.
and fast

Keep the customer contact warm, but the overview business-like

Warm customer contact is important, but you also want to keep an overview of who you’ve spoken to and what was said. Do that by integrating your business WhatsApp conversations into your webcare environment. Everything that comes in through this channel goes into the broader customer service flow; as an official supplier of the WhatsApp Business API, we make sure of that. Good news: as of 2021, government agencies can also use WhatsApp again.

Always informed

Keep your customers up to date about orders, news and promotions, and get them excited about your brand. Send them notifications or alerts so they never miss a thing and you stay in contact.

Sometimes a picture says more than 1,000 words

Are your words getting through to your customer? Sometimes a picture can say more than a block of text. Handle questions or complaints more easily by allowing your customer to send images. Rich messaging – talking via images, files, locations, videos, web links and more – is the beating heart of WhatsApp. Let your customers talk to your service department that way too.

Integrate chatbots

Answer your customers more quickly and reduce pressure on your team at the same time. Connect our smart chatbots to WhatsApp and streamline your customer service.

Make every customer contact personal

WhatsApp is fast, ever-present and personal. Use it for your customer care and increase customer satisfaction.

3 steps to offering your customers WhatsApp service

Here’s how to easily integrate a WhatsApp Business API

Register with WhatsApp

WhatsApp will verify in advance that your organisation can safely chat with users.

Create your profile

Choose a profile picture and profile text, and set a default message.

Receive approval from WhatsApp

Once you’re approved, we’ll link your number to your webcare stream.

Go live

From now on, your organisation will be available via WhatsApp 24/7, and you can help your customers via their favourite communication channel.


Take that step

WhatsApp is what your customers want, so offer that personal contact.

Choose our award-winning solutions

We believe that only honest communication can lead to engaged and satisfied customers. We’ve been committed to this for years, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

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