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Go for efficiency in your service process and improve your customer satisfaction: build your own chatbot, have it built by our experts or start immediately with our latest smart bot: Smart

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Bring people and technology together

Chatbots make service work easier. They are scalable and efficient. Your employees will have more time to pay genuine attention to the customer. Where necessary, the chatbot switches directly over to the right employee.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) ensures continuous improvements by proactively making suggestions for improvements based on user experience. This way you can make your chatbot smarter.

Thanks to the clear dashboard, you can keep track of how your chatbot is performing. How many and which questions are being dealt with and what can your bot still learn?

The most common dialogues are readily available in the extensive library. With only one click you can add the conversations to your bot. Building or expanding a chatbot has never been easier.

Plenty of opportunities for integrations with Customer Engagement Solutions, CRM-systemen en Knowledge Base-providers, zoals Engage, Freshchat, QuandaGo Interactions,, PureConnect van Genesys, Avaya, TOPDesk Knowledgebase, Custom API integraties, Dialogflow, LUIS, Gem, Zendesk, TOPdesk, freshdesk and more.

Build one yourself or have it built for you! You can choose

We can arrange the complete implementation for you. Would you rather be more hands-on? Then choose the option for developing your own chatbot.

Have your chatbot built for you

Outsource everything to Spotler Engage’s developers. We’ll use our vast experience to tailor chatbots to your way of working. Our chatbots work on any channel and quickly become an integral part of your team.

  • Save time and resources
  • Benefit from the expertise of our chatbot developers
  • Get an advance estimate of the ROI
  • Have custom integrations built
  • Keep access to the platform
  • Get tailor-made training and support

Build your own chatbot

With the user-friendly chatbot platform you can easily create dynamic and natural conversations yourself. It’s no-code, so you don’t need any programming knowledge. Within just a few days you’ll be able to build and implement all your own chatbots. Schedule a demo right away and you’ll receive a product demo as well.

  • Stay in charge of the development process
  • Use the built-in tutorials
  • Know your own chatbot inside out
  • Optimise and implement easily
  • The subscription can be canceled month-to-month
Bouw je eigen chatbot
What can a chatbot help you with?

Request a demo and find out for yourself.

Available day and night

Chatbots take over common online customer questions and conversations 24 hours a day. Also on weekends. Is a question too complex? Then a chatbot offers the customer a smooth handover to a real employee.

Integrate chatbots into different channels

Chatbots don't just work through live chat. They can also take over customer conversations via messaging or social media channels and even via WhatsApp. This way you can automatically capture up to 40% of the conversations. Count out your winnings!

Software without code

The Bots platform is user-friendly chatbot software that doesn’t require any technical skills. Anyone can build, implement, train, and analyse the chatbots like a real expert. Don't have time for this? No problem, we can also take care of the entire process for you.

Drag-and-drop Chatbot builder

Easily create chatbot conversations with the visual drag-and-drop chatbot builder. You can build a conversation within just a few minutes.
a few minutes

Want to know within 30 minutes what chatbots can do for you?

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