Determine your chatbot ROI

How quickly will you recoup the cost of a chatbot?

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Determine your organisation’s chatbot ROI

A chatbot feasibility report puts the costs and benefits for your organisation in black and white. It shows you where you are starting from and how quickly you can recoup your investment.

Where should you begin?

Identify the best place to start using chatbots in order to maximise your ROI.
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Use your own figures for the analysis

Every organisation is unique. Use your own data and linguistic analyses before implementing a chatbot to get a clear picture of your chatbot ROI.

Build your own chatbot in 5 steps

Would you rather do it yourself? You can! Use the Bots Platform to develop a simple chatbot in 5 steps.

Determine your chatbot ROI

Let us prepare a chatbot feasibility report and we’ll show you how quickly you can recoup your investment.

How quickly will a chatbot deliver benefits?

Short answer: immediately, because your organisation’s service level will increase. Are you curious about how quickly you can recoup your investment? Then request a chatbot feasibility report and map out your chatbot ROI.

Decide in advance which chatbot will best meet your needs and requirements. Our experts are ready to support you in this process.

Arrange for an analysis to be made that compares the advantages of chatbots with the challenges faced by your organisation. This will give you a clear picture of your chatbot ROI.

How much time does your webcare team spend on answering messages? A chatbot relieves pressure by answering simple messages quickly and automatically. We factor this into our calculation of your chatbot ROI.

Your chatbot ROI will only become clear if you base it on figures instead of gut feelings. A chatbot feasibility report shows response times and peak moments so you can periodically improve on these points.

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Curious about your chatbot ROI?

Equipped with a chatbot feasibility report, you’ll know exactly what the ROI of a chatbot would be for your organisation.

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