Engage your customers with smart social media content

Increase your reach and get more engagement from your posts by planning what you want to say on social media and managing that plan. How can you stay on top of all that? By using a social media content calendar.

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Draw attention to all your topics

Do you want to tell an authentic brand story? Respond to your customers’ questions? Showcase little-known parts of your organisation? And – above all – publish on a schedule? Then use a social media content calendar to work in a structured way. Regularly post informative and meaningful content and watch your reach increase.
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Save valuable time

Would you like to have a presence on all social media if possible, or at least on all relevant platforms? Plan your campaigns with the social media calendar and then use the handy Engage interface to post content all at once. With the push of a button, your content appears on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and wherever else you want.

Track which content is working and which is not

Analyse the performance of your content with the integrated social media analytics dashboard. It lets you measure and track your fans, your reach, the number of impressions, and the engagement with your posts. Then you can adjust your schedule based on these insights.
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Inspire your fans and followers

Which of your content attracts the most attention? What resonates most with your followers and customers? Use our all-in-one tool to not only create a tight schedule, but also to discover which topics work best and which platforms you should target.
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Distribute the work that results from your schedule

A good schedule does not in itself deliver content. Involve your team in that effort by working together in the same environment. Assign tasks via workflows and integrate feedback from social media & community managers and the webcare team into your content planning environment.

Want to surprise your fans and followers?

Know what content works best and capitalise on it.

Create relevant and interesting content

Find out what your followers want and plan content that responds to it.

Easily plan and publish your posts to all your social media accounts with the social media planner. A single overview makes it clear to your entire team which posts will appear on which platforms.

Collaborate on content efficiently by using workflows. Plan and publish posts directly on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Work from your desktop or mobile device.

You can see the performance of your content in relation to your objectives in a single glance on your dashboard. Measure the number of fans, engagement, comments, impressions, shares and clicks, and bring the extensive statistics into focus. Sharpen your insight and determine your social media strategy.

Social media is all about social behaviour (it’s even in the name). Get to know your target group by interacting with them: ask questions in a post and respond to the answers, or respond to questions and suggestions in the comments. Build a relationship with your followers and find out what’s going on with your customers.


Choose our award-winning solutions

We believe that only honest communication can lead to engaged and satisfied customers. We’ve been committed to this for years, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Do you publish good content consistently?

Do your followers regularly see new posts? Take your content to the next level with smart scheduling in the social media content calendar.
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