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RTL is going through a digital transformation, one in which, aside from viewing activities on an actual TV, there is also a huge amount of investment going into viewing on online platforms as well, such as Videoland. RTL’s course of direction is crystal clear: making a difference with stories, that touch the heart. And listening to the customer is even more important.

Online customer service, or webcare, has an important place within the organisation and the feedback that comes in through (online) channels is an important part of the company’s fan-centric strategy. The customer’s voice is of crucial importance and therefore plays a central role within the organisation. We spoke to Angela Muradin, Head of Customer Care at RTL / Videoland, regarding the latest developments and insights into the field of webcare and customer satisfaction research.

The role of media monitoring and online customer service

Media company RTL has made significant progress in the digital world in recent years. Social media is becoming increasingly intertwined with television formats and, along with this, digitalisation is also changing what’s on offer. The proper monitoring of online reporting is becoming more and more important. In 2015, RTL had already made a start on monitoring and online customer service, via Spotler Engage. Where media monitoring for corporate communication provides insights into the impact of press releases, sentiment, and important topics related directly to the broadcasting stations, online customer service goes a step further by providing an open and transparent service via social media and messaging channels. We are zooming in on online customer service with Videoland, video-on-demand.

RTL succesverhaal Spotler Engage

Transparency is an important driver for online customer service

Social media gives Videoland viewers a way to get in touch with the organisation. For many viewers, social media channels are ideal for asking questions, and online customer service is ready and available to answer them, 10am – 10pm, 365 days a year. Service questions are directed to RTL’s social media channels in many different ways, and, via online channels, the viewer can expect a reaction time of less than an hour. RTL now has about 6,000 contact moments per month with viewers via social media and messaging channels.

With transparency being one of the most important drivers, it makes online customer service a highly visible form of service. RTL does everything it possibly can to optimise their service, on all channels, and to communicate as openly as possible with the viewer.

“For Videoland, a monitoring tool can no longer be ignored with regards to online strategy. A monitoring tool gives you, as an organisation, the opportunity to make the importance of social media measurable, also for management”, says Angela.

The ROI of online customer service, measurable with the transactional NPS

In order to measure the result of investment into online customer service, and to increase customer satisfaction, Videoland looks closely at whether or not their customers are satisfied with the kind of service that Videoland provides via social media. In order to do this, Videoland sends an NPS survey directly to the customer once a call has ended. It is the integration between Spotler Engage and InSocial that makes this possible.

“We measure satisfaction in different ways, but we find it especially important to know the reasons behind the figures, which is why we always look for answers to the open questions we ask.”

A distinction has been made between the different types of customers, such as customers who have just signed up, customers who have been signed up for at least three months, and customers that have been around for a year or more. This makes it easier for Videoland to measure exactly how satisfied customers really are at different moments in the customer journey.

RTL makes use of narrowcasting screens to put the results directly back on to the work floor. This makes it clearer for the employees to see exactly what’s going on online and how customers are experiencing the overall service. And this creates higher employee engagement and keeps customer experience top-of-mind!

The future of online service — chatbots & AI

Technology advances continue to accelerate and RTL therefore recognises the importance of chatbots and Artificial Intelligence for improving service. By using chatbots for the most frequently asked questions, 18% of messages are now handled by bots. An efficiency that ensures that low-threshold questions get a quick response and that employees have more time and attention for the more complex questions.

“We are a platform that runs 24/7. People use our platform at different times, so questions can come in at any time.”

RTL shot

The use of chatbots has increased accessibility since a chatbot is capable of handling questions outside working hours, so at those times an actual employee isn’t even necessary. Where employees are available 10 am – 10 pm during the day for answering all different kinds of questions, chatbots are available 10 pm – 10 am to resolve basic questions from viewers or to request additional information and prepare it, so that an employee can deal with it immediately the next day.

Chatbots aren’t yet being fully optimised, but they are already having a major impact for Videoland.

“We notice that the use of chatbots makes a big difference in handling time. For the customer it’s a fast and pleasant experience, and it also ensures that we are still accessible to our viewers, even outside of opening hours.”

Zelf aan de slag met de all-in-1 oplossingen van Spotler Engage? Dat kan!

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