WhatsApp as a customer channel? Use the WhatsApp Business API

Connect with your customers quickly and personally through the WhatsApp Business API. Integrate it with your customer service software and let the whole team work together.

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2 billion
WhatsApp is by far the most widely used messaging channel
unlimited number of agents
Collaborate smoothly with the WhatsApp Business API
messages securely
The API is GDPR compliant and end-to-end encrypted

WhatsApp Business API: for medium to large organisations

While the WhatsApp Business App might be enough for smaller organisations, it’s clear that medium to large organisations need an expansion of this important service channel. The WhatsApp Business API is the perfect solution.

The WhatsApp Business API lets multiple users respond to WhatsApp messages. This not only enables you to handle high volumes, but it also ensures a smooth transfer between colleagues.

When you integrate the WhatsApp Business API with our online customer service tool Engage, all your messages are delivered conveniently alongside your other customer contact channels. That means your team never loses track of them.

Is the volume increasing while you’re often asked the same questions? Then integrate chatbots into WhatsApp and answer your customers quickly and automatically 24/7.

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Make it easy for your customers

Does a conversation need something extra? WhatsApp makes it easy to share images, videos or locations. This creates immediate clarity in a conversation, and it can also be used for commercial opportunities.

Do you receive messages you can’t answer immediately, perhaps because they arrive outside of business hours? Then create templates with additional information or instructions.

With billions of users worldwide, WhatsApp puts you in almost every customer’s pocket. No customer contact channel is as personal yet fast as WhatsApp.

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Take the step: Start using the WhatsApp Business API

Want to know how you can collaborate efficiently to provide fast and personal service? We would love to show you in a no-obligation online demo!

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