Display your custom channels clearly alongside your other channels

Do you work with your own channels? Integration within Spotler Engage’s existing toolset offers many advantages.

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A clear overview of your custom channels

Does your organisation also use custom channels, such as its own forum, intranet or SMS? Then make sure the messages that come in on these channels don’t disappear off the radar. Your own channels can also be easily integrated into Spotler Engage’s existing toolset.

All your channels in one overview

The custom channels are easy to integrate into your service process because the messages arrive in Engage in an orderly fashion. This allows you to manage your entire digital customer service – including social media, live chat, review platforms, messaging channels and your own channels – from a single solution.
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Optimal efficiency for customer service staff

Your employees no longer need to spend extra time on your custom channels because all your messages come through Engage. That means employees can immediately see if they need to take action. Handling those messages works the same as for any other channel, so no additional training is necessary!

Analyse messages and team performance

Include the messages that come in through your custom channels in your statistics. Tag them by subject to identify the nature of the questions or comments. And keep track of your team’s turnaround time and performance. These are the ingredients for a good service strategy!

Keep track of it all, including your custom channels

Are you ready to get started with integrating your custom channels? Then request a demo.

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