Reputation management & crisis monitoring

Your reputation is everything to you. You’d prefer to keep an eye on every imaginable medium all day long. But who has time for that? We don’t! With the Media Monitor and with Insights you can manage your reputation effectively and efficiently, without having to spend too much time on it.

Keep up with the conversation regarding your brand, both online and offline

With the Media Monitor, you can keep track of what is being said about you, both online and offline. By monitoring as broadly as possible, you can respond to current events in a timely manner, and you’re always the first to know about what’s happening around you.

What are people saying about your brand? Where are they talking about you? Keep an eye on what’s going on and be the first to know. This gives you time to respond to opportunities, keep up with trends and react in a timely manner in the event of a crisis.

No one can monitor millions of sources at once from hour to hour. With our media monitoring tools, we bring all relevant information together in one clear dashboard. You know what’s going on online on socials, review sites and forums as well as offline on radio, television and in print.

What’s the effect of the campaigns you set up? View the reach of your actions, determine media value, and get an impression of the sentiment. You’ll immediately see which investments pay off and where you have opportunities to grow.

You can keep a crisis manageable by getting a grip on the situation in time. This requires insight early on into what’s going on. Only by anticipating effectively are you able to react quickly. We collect data for you about message volumes, sentiments, stakeholders, and reporting.

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We help you see strategic opportunities, dangers, and results

If you know where opportunities lie, you can seize them. At least as important: if you see where danger lurks, you can intervene. Media analyses can help you with this. Our analysts can offer you the right kind of insights and provide you with data-driven advice. So you can take the right steps in the right direction.

Depending on your wishes, we create weekly, monthly, or annual reports. You’ll find insights, conclusions, and advice all in one overview. We bring the data to life, and in your organisation’s house style, and add infographics, key take-outs, and management summaries for you.

People need the knowledge of your industry, otherwise they’ll miss the context to report properly. We employ analysts with knowledge from almost every conceivable sector. They have years of experience, know your specific market, know who your competitors are and can recognise trends.

What do you need to be able to navigate? Do you want to analyse a campaign, evaluate crisis management, or study the impact of a decision? Are you looking for a complete media analysis that also includes reputation, topic, target group and webcare? Or will you go for a classic SWOT-analysis? From just one part of the organisation to the whole organisation: you ask, we deliver.

Still haven’t determined a starting point? We’ll provide a zero measurement. Want to dive deep into the numbers? Then ask for a ‘deep dive’. Not sure what’s most useful? We’re here for you. Together we’ll find the insights you need.

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How do you protect the reputation of your organisation?

We help you keep a close eye on all online and offline channels 24/7.

Stay focused on what's going on

Keep a sharp eye on what the mainstream media is saying about you digitally and in print and follow what’s going on on social media.
a sharp eye

Give yourself time to respond in the best way possible

Give yourself reaction time by seeing a crisis or change in sentiment early on and use your long-term media monitoring to track gradual changes.

Enlist professional support

We can issue media analyses with fixed frequency, deliver urgent reports and offer extra support at events.

Adapt your strategy to the reality

Use reputation monitoring data to provide valuable information to marketing, sales, and communications.

How do you protect the reputation of your organisation?

We help you keep a close eye on all online and offline channels 24/7.

Choose our award-winning solutions

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