Happy customers and higher engagement with good webcare

Webcare, messaging, social media publishing and monitoring in one clear and concise tool.

Work on your customer relationships and community

Going for happy and engaged customers? Then make sure you stay in touch with both your customers and target audience and followers. Engage offers a clear and concise overview of the messages that are being sent to your organisation. But also on everything that’s being said about your organisation, so you can respond in good time.

Are your customers making themselves heard via social media, WhatsApp, messaging channels, live chat, review sites and forums? Not a problem! By bringing all online customer communication together in one clear and concise dashboard, you won’t lose your overview for a second.

Create search queries on your brand or relevant topics and you won’t miss a thing. Instantly capitalise on opportunities, get involved in discussions and keep an eye on key influencers.

Are the volumes getting to be a bit too much? Then integrate chatbots that answer the frequently asked questions so that your employees have their hands free for the more complex matters.

Dive in deep with the integrated social media analytics dashboard. See immediately what the engagement of your target group is, whether the sentiment is in your favour and what the impact of your content is.

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Want to give your customer service a boost?

Put your energies into webcare.

Know what's going on

Keep an overview of everything that is written about your organisation on social networks, forums, and review platforms. Respond to questions and posts from one clear and concise platform.
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Always on your customer's preferred channel

Your customer has questions, complaints, compliments and a thousand and one other things they want to say through their preferred channel. Answer quickly, however way the question comes in and without losing the overview.

Publish your posts according to the plan

Don't let your content lag behind your ambition. Plan what you’re going to say, where you’re going to say it and when you want to publish it. That will keep your content up to date.
Firm grip
on content

Insight into team performance

What are the peak moments, what questions are being asked most often and what‘s the average handling time per service employee? Analyses and reports provide insights in no time.
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Go for high engagement and happy customers

Know within 30 minutes how OBI engage can contribute to smooth and flexible webcare and social media publishing and monitoring.

Choose our award-winning solutions

We believe that only sincere communication leads to engaged and satisfied customers. We have been committed to this for years and it has not gone unnoticed.