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Spot new reviews and complaints, and respond directly from your webcare dashboard

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Always see new reviews and complaints

Review platforms not only collect opinions and experiences about products and services; they are also the places where new customers find information they can use when making their purchasing decisions. Make sure you know what’s going on there and act on it if necessary.

Well-organised reviews in Engage

Vermeldingen van jouw organisatie op review platformen komen overzichtelijk binnen in onze monitoring tools. Zo heb je in een dashboard een compleet overzicht van alle directe en indirecte berichten aan en over jouw organisatie.
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Respond quickly from Engage

Respond directly from the dashboard to reviews on sites like Trustpilot, Google Reviews and This way, you can thank customers directly for their positive reviews, address a complaint or turn the mood around. Do all this in a clear and efficient way, without losing the message history.

Reviews help you with your business operations

Reviews are invaluable to organisations because they provide insight into how products, services and processes are received by the customer. By closely monitoring these platforms, you can keep track of the expectations, disappointments, compliments and recommendations regarding your organisation, and you can adjust your processes, strategy and information accordingly.
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Stay well-informed about customer reviews

Do you want to know what’s being said on review platforms and start responding to it right away? Then request a demo today.

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