Solid advice, insights, and conclusions thanks to media analyses

We’ll show you the opportunities, dangers and results that are important for your organisation’s strategy

Insights spins gold out of raw data

Do you know what opportunities to seize, where danger lurks, and what the results of previous decisions are? Our media analyses offer you the right insights and our analysts can provide you with data-driven advice, so that you can take the best steps forward. We share reports at fixed times, or just once. Whatever you want.

Do you prefer to work more thoroughly, or do you need to determine a starting point? Then go for a deep dive or a zero measurement. Together we’ll always be sure to determine what kinds of insights you want. It can even be in combination with your own data.

Which campaigns require repetition, and which should you reconsider? Link the objectives you had to the measurements we perform, and you’ll immediately get the answer to the question.

Our analysts will take care of everything for you. If the Insights Team identifies any crises, they’ll share their insights, conclusions, and advice about the impact of the incident. If there’s an emergency we’re right there for you.

We combine data and provide insight into your reputation with one or more reports. Multiple measurement moments provide insight into the development of the reputation of your organisation. The report figures are not only easy to link to a KPI, but also require little internal explanation. The ideal way to gain and provide insight into your brand.

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Stop making decisions based on gut feeling

Use media analysis and digitally get to the core of your own data. So you can make fast, well-founded, and goal-oriented decisions.

Clear and data-driven insights

You have mountains of data from which you want to filter the right kinds of insights and knowledge. We’ll help you with insights into, among other things, the impact, reputation, target group, media value and KPIs of your organisation. This will help you shape or adjust your marketing or business strategy.
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Accessible Reports

All insights, conclusions and advice are clearly presented in reports. Infographics, key take-outs, management summaries and the corporate identity of your organisation bring the data to life. This way you can share the information directly with your stakeholders.

From just a piece to a complete picture

If you want insight into one part of your organisation, go for an impact, topic, target group, webcare or SWOT analysis. Do you want a complete picture? Then we’re happy to combine these parts for you. Also for an analysis specifically aimed at your overall reputation, a crisis moment, or a newly launched campaign, our Insights team is happy to work for you.

Knowledge of your industry

Context is everything. Our analysts have experience in different sectors, so they know your specific market and competitors and they have a sharp eye for trends.

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