Omnichannel customer service

Excellent accessibility is a precondition for good customer service. Create a combination of channels that fits your way of working with omnichannel customer service.

Deliver more service with the same team

Choose omnichannel customer service and let your service offering grow with your customers’ demand, without having to expand your team. Even if questions come in from new angles, you’ll still be able to answer them.

Your customers choose how they contact you, you ensure that you are available. Are you simultaneously receiving messages from social media, WhatsApp, messaging channels, live chat, review sites and forums? No problem! Bring together all online interactions with customers. You can control the message flow using just one overview.

Keep an eye on the development of service requests and set your integrated dashboard to trends. Do your customers regularly seek contact through a new channel? Then together we can take a look at how we can integrate this into your service department.

Do you have customers who can’t seem to choose a preferred channel? People who sometimes talk to you via WhatsApp and sometimes via X (formerly Twitter)? Keep your service consistent by linking messages to customers so you see current interaction alongside past interactions; even if it went through different channels.

Opt for omnichannel customer service so you can give customers more options for getting in touch with you without losing your grip on the service department. Rest assured you can easily continue to process the additional message flow. In fact, the data you collect with this process can help you provide even more efficient and high-quality service.

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Maximise your service with CRM

By combining webcare with chatbots, you can turn your service department into a race car – and step on the accelerator by adding CRM to the mix.

With CRM, your employees automatically receive a 360-degree client profile in every conversation. On this profile, they can see all relevant information about the customer who is seeking contact. Your employees know what’s going on and what agreements have been made. This way they can make every conversation personal.

Simplify collaboration in the service department with the 360-degree client profile. In the conversation history, employees can immediately see what has been discussed and agreed on in the past. Transfers are virtually automatic.

Keep track of what your customers ask of you and pass this directly on to those involved — that way a question doesn’t have to be asked over and over again. The processing of requests is smoother, and your customers feel like you’re really listening to them.

All interactions, interrelationships and trackings are recorded. You can use this to analyse what’s going on in customer service. Based on these findings, you’ll be able to manage and optimise much better.

Spotler Engage CRM

How accessible are you to your customers?

Increase your accessibility without sacrificing service quality.

Integrate the communication channels you need

Extend general social media with services such as Whatsapp, live chat, Instagram DM, Google Business Messages, X (formerly Twitter) DM and Facebook Messenger as well as telephone options, ticketing systems and knowledge bases.
channels in one

Integrate new channels into your existing message flow

Give customers the chance to talk to you in their own way without increasing the pressure on your service department.

Provide better service with a 360-degree customer view

With an integrated CRM, employees can see exactly what’s going on with the customer and they can easily transfer conversations to each other.

Let your services grow manageably along with the demand

Expand your contact options step by step. If the customer’s looking for new ways to contact you, you can easily integrate these into your system.
Scale up

How accessible are you to your customers?

Increase your accessibility without sacrificing service quality.

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